• I Wish I Could Tell you…

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    Dear You,

    Did you know that watching you with her kills me? That I have to endure that pain every single day of my life now? I hate that you did this to me, broke my heart and left me for my best friend. I thought two years meant something more than that, but I guess not. To be completely honest I miss you every day even though you broke me. I miss the way you used to tell me I was perfect even though I knew you were lying. I miss the way you could make me laugh no matter how terrible the situation was. I always loved that about you. I miss the comfort, the warmth, the knowledge that I was actually worth all the fights. I miss the way you would play the piano when I was trying to study. I never told you this but even though I acted annoyed; I always loved hearing you play. I regret not telling you that. I miss being competitive with you, all those basketball games, those card games, those video games. I miss the way you wouldn’t let me win, I had to actually beat you. I loved that about you. I miss that frown that you would put on every time I tried to take your picture. You’re so beautiful, I know you hated when I said that, saying guys aren’t beautiful, but you are…

    I look back on us and I can’t help but cry. I hate that we don’t talk anymore, that she doesn’t let you speak to me. You were my best friend; I can’t believe you’re gone. I hate that you believe her over me now, taking her word over mine. I know everything about you, how could you believe her over me? But I guess that’s how it is now; I’m nothing, while she is “everything.”

    I hate that you don’t worry about me anymore, that you have NO idea how much pain I’m in, that you forgot about me a day after we broke up. Two years and it took you ONE day to forget me. I hate that you cheated on me, I hate that I wasn’t even worth the truth. I hate…you…or I wish I did. But I can’t…I can’t hate someone I love, but that doesn’t apply to you, cause you couldn’t have ever loved me… you know why? ‘Cause you don’t destroy people you love…

    love always,
    that broken girl.

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    1. A
      July 3, 2011 at 1:24 pm

      When my ex and I broke up after 4 years together, the next week he was already basically with another girl. He met her the week before we broke up. He says nothing happened and that it had nothing to do with her, but I don’t even care– it HURT. So my heart hurts reading this because I remember the extreme pain I was in and how broken I felt, and this involves your “best friend” and not a random girl. I am so, so sorry he did that to you, and if I knew who he was I would go up and slap him for you. And probably yell at him a bit. No one should treat someone like that.
      Just keep being strong, you WILL get through this. And you’ll find some guy that actually deserves you. Because this guy definitely does not.

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