• Guess it’s over now

    by  • July 3, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Confusion • 0 Comments

    Wow I guess I never really thought this day would come. I guess all ties between us are pretty much severed. Part of me wanted this to happen because I thought it would help me move on (just like you clearly have). Now that it’s happened I don’t really know what to feel. Happy that I can move, I guess. Sad cause you didn’t care at all. Confused cause where does this lead… It’s not like I will never see you again. Our folks live two blocks away from each other. I really wanted things to be ok between us. I know you have a right to hate me and still be upset but what about the promises. We said no matter what we’d be in each other’s lives. At this point it seems impossible. At least for you…. don’t say I’m being judgmental. If you think really hard about it you’ll know I’m right. I’ve always left a part of my life open for you. I never shunned you out. I guess we all deal with things differently and you chose. In an immature way I really hope you regret this and one day you’ll realize it. But really I just want all to turn out all right for you. I worry about you, you know? People tell me about your reckless behavior and I know you’re smart, smarter than me, but don’t let you pride foul you and screw you over like it did me. I know you have all these friends that ‘love’ you but know that no matter what I will be there for you if you need to be.

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