• Sorry for all those awkward moments…I just kinda like you

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    Hey there! Yes, you!

    Oh geez, first I have to apologize for today. When you asked if you could see my pictures from my vacation while we were both at work and I stared blankly at my dry erase board and mumbled, “Yes,” and said NOTHING after, I actually meant to say, “Why, yes! Of course! Over dinner at that lovely cafe overlooking the city?”

    And then! I’m cringing as I think of this! Remember when I was putting things away on that day at work when everyone was running around like chickens with their heads cut off we were so busy and you jokingly asked, “You having fun?” Well, the 10 seconds it took me to reply was time I spent mentally volleying back and forth between whether “yes” or “no” would be a more natural response to your question. I’m sorry I replied “yes” in monotone; I understand now that that was probably the least natural response I could’ve decided on.

    And finally…oh the clincher…the other day, when you commented on how we are partners at work now and sarcastically said, “I told them we were boyfriend and girlfriend,” and I just randomly started asking our boss for directions to the company’s computer warehouse instead of replying, I was actually just trying to divert attention from my rapidly flushing cheeks.

    Every time you jokingly ask if I have a boyfriend, I want to say something quick and witty but normally just end up saying “no.” And every time you talk to the other girls at work I want to join in the conversation because I want you to be talking to me instead. Instead, I continue at my computer terminal and wait for you to come ask me a question about how to work the printer or where to find paper.

    Til 2 o’clock on Tuesday,
    The girl from work who becomes depressingly awkward within 10 feet of you


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    1. Kelly
      July 13, 2011 at 5:29 pm

      This is my life!

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