• I remember everything

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    It’s funny. Not really, but it is. I remember that day I met you. At the festival. You drove me insane. You wouldn’t leave me alone. You asked if me and my best guy friend were dating. No, we’re not. You asked for my number. Not going to happen. I wasn’t like that. That first day of school came around. I remember walking into my first class, and there you were. That smile. Those eyes. The way you wore that blue shirt. Your eyes sparkled. I’ve never felt this before. But you truly made my heart skip a beat. You asked me to the dance. I was embarrassed. You were the first guy to ever give me the time of day. I remember seeing you, and placing that flower on my wrist. I remember dancing all night long with you. It felt like a fairytale. And looking back, I would do anything to go back to that night. I remember looking up at you and you kissed me. My first kiss, and I had never been happier. I remember you asking me to be girlfriend/boyfriend. And I told you no. The biggest regret in my life. I live with the saying “Live with no regrets, or life is yours to miss”. But I truly regret this moment. I was so naive and stupid.

    We were friends after that. I remember you crushing on everyone of my friends. I remember and told myself that you liked me first. Such a childish thing, but oh so true. I remember dating a different guy. For 3 years. And everyday I thought of you. I remember dumping him, not once, but twice, because I thought we were about to start the start of something new. But my boyfriend took me back every time. I remember he loved me. I remember loving the fact that somebody loved me and I had someone there for me. He was perfect. I remember thinking I didn’t want perfect. I wanted you. I remember finally getting the guts to leave him for good. I left my best friend for you. You don’t even realize it. It kills me. I remember that day I told you I left him. I remember you telling me I’ll be ok. I remember going home and crying, knowing that the only way I’ll be ok is if I had you by my side. Waking up to you every morning.

    I dream about you every night. I know. Stalker. But you are everything in my eyes. And you don’t see me that way at all. I remember going camping. I remember sleeping with you. Literally, sleeping. I remember being so shy. I get so nervous around you. It’s like a 2nd grade crush. But it’s not. I’m in love with you. I know someday you’ll see it. I know you will. You are perfect. And I will wait for you. Maybe you aren’t ready right now. But someday, you will be. We will be perfect together. It will feel like a fairytale. It’s real. And I’m just waiting for you.

    Say you don’t ever see this. Or that our love isn’t real. Know that I believe it is. Truly, I do. You are perfect, and you will always have a special place in my heart. And remember this: I remember everything with you. When we first met. When we first held hands, and the way our hands fit oh so perfectly together. Our first kiss. Our fights. Our late nights at your house. The movies we see. Everything we do. It sticks in my mind, like nothing ever before. I love you. And I always will.

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