• Dear boy

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    Dear Boy,

    I can’t tell you I love you. I’m not old enough to know what love is. But, let’s just say I really really like you. Even though we haven’t said two words to each other in the past year, I’d like to tell you everything. I love your smile, and your laugh, and the way you can be so warm to me even though we haven’t talked in a long time.

    I’ve known you for eight years, and I hated you for six of them. I was running with the wrong crowd, and you took a lot of insults from me. But the truth comes out now. You make my stomach flutter. You make me want to pull back into my shell and give you my heart at the same time.

    I wish I could tell you this to your face, but, to tell the truth, I’m afraid. Deathly afraid. I’m afrad of what other people will think, I’m afraid of what you’ll think, but, most of all, I’m afraid of what will happen. You’ve had a girlfriend a week since middle school, and they all end the same way. Every week, you say that you’ll never love again, and that you hate everything, but, just as quickly, you’re on top of the world again.

    I want to save you from all of this pain, but I’m afraid I’ll just be another girl to throw away. I wish you knew.

    Love, girl

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