• Are We Working…?

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    Hey. First, I just want to you know that in exactly one week, it’ll have been six months. Six months since that snowy February day that you kissed me and asked me to be your girlfriend. The past two months, have sucked.

    I know that being five hundred and twenty eight miles away is strange. To go from seeing each other everyday to not seeing each other for two months sucks. But not talking just makes it worse. It drives me crazy.

    I’ve tried. I really have. I’ve called and initiated texts and attempted to flirt with you. But when you send me one word back or only talk on the phone to me for three minutes, it almost hurts.

    Do you care? Do you want us to work?

    And its not like telling you has done anything, since I’ve done that twice already. You “promise”, you “swear to God”, but what’s come out of that. To quote you in your messages “Nothing.”

    And every single girlfriend I consult about it says the same thing: talk to him again, if it doesn’t stick this time, don’t let the relationship stick.

    But here’s the thing- I hate those serious “feelings” conversations, I don’t like to have them and you know that. They make me feel whiny and gross. But the state of our relationship makes me feel like you don’t want to put in any effort to make this work.

    So here it goes: If you don’t start showing some effort, real honest effort, then I’m out. I know other guys who will, and have, shown me some effort. Act like you’re chasing me again, because honestly, that’s always when its the most fun. If you start to think you “already have me”, know that that can, and will, change.

    Please, I really want this to work, but I’m done giving everything and getting nothing.

    Your girlfriend.

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