• Allow me to be immature for a moment.

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    It has been several days since I sent you an email trying to get together and hopefully mend our relationship. I would have expected you to answer by now, but you haven’t.

    Oh wait. Yes you did. An hour after I sent the email you posted things on tumblr that were clearly aimed at me.

    You just turned 20, and you are acting like a 15 year old. I can’t believe that was your response to my email. You didn’t even have the decency to actually type out a response to my email. You just reblogged a couple of things.

    Yeah, that’s mature. So here’s my response to your maturity:

    Since you didn’t have the decency to respond to my email even though we we’re great friends for 2 years, I’d like you to return the gift I sent you. I know it’s tacky to ask for a gift back, but it’s even tackier to not send a thank you note/phone call/text when I spent 11 dollars on shipping to make sure it got there on your actual birthday. That’s of course on top of the 30 dollars I spent on your gift to make sure I got you something you would appreciate.

    I wouldn’t ask for a gift back from a friend. But you are not a friend. You’ve been underhandedly bringing me down since you-know-who and I became such good friends. We became better friends than you and him and you didn’t like that. Well now he’s all yours and I could not care less about the both of you.

    The last time we spoke you said you loved me, but if you really loved me you wouldn’t be so cruel. You constantly talked poorly about and attacked me on your blog. You’re passive aggressive and you need help. Go see a therapist. You handle your emotions abominably. And then after you’ve held everything inside you for too long you explode and hurt people.

    You’re not always right and you’re not a saint. You’re not that good of a writer and I can’t imagine anyone dating you ever. You’re not mature enough to date and the fact that you think you are is hilarious. You think that you can wait till marriage for your first kiss? You are not a Disney princess and it’s embarrassing that you think you are.

    Also, talking to her after everything that happened between us just shows what kind of person you are. Even if I was in the wrong I was YOUR friend and you don’t even know that girl. You took her side anyway. You have no sense of what it’s like to be loyal and to be a real friend, probably because you never had a friend past a year or two.

    P.S. I know we’re probably going to see each other around campus, but try to be normal. I know how socially awkward you are so it’ll be pretty hard for you.

    So THAT’S what I’ve been wanting to send to you. Why didn’t I? Because I’m not cruel. I don’t want to hurt you. Even after everything I’ve done and everything you’ve done, I still love you and don’t wish you any harm.

    Take a lesson from me. Think before you post something on your blog or on tumblr or on twitter. The only reason I’m posting this here is because you’ve never heard of this site and you would never find this letter.

    If for some reason you did, I just want to say that the apology I wrote for you was one of the most sincere things I’ve ever written. To say that you could ‘see right through it’ was utter bullshit. Reading that made me realize that you’ve just made up or exaggerated the things I’ve done, and you hate me for those fallacies. How can you live your life in such a destructive way?

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