• Where are you?

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    Where are you? Because at this point i need you, or maybe, at the end of the day it’s another test to show that i can get through the day and i’m strong enough to do it on my own. But it hurts…really does.

    Where is the person that is supposed to love us for who we are, with our flaws and virtues, with the mistakes we’ve made through the years and are yet to come.

    They say that you have to love yourself before loving someone else, but what if you do and yet no one seems to understand you or everytime it gets harder and instead of getting stronger you’re weaker. Instead of loving yourself more what you do is be harder on yourself, you can’t stop asking questions bout everything you’re doing wrong; you end up faking that smile that was so natural on you. I know that the most important part is that we are alive, but what about everything else…? what about love or friendship? you need those things to be able to live your life.

    Love is the feeling we all share, is what makes us all the same; but it’s the feeling that we don’t show easily, the one we hide from and sometimes we refuse to receive. Most of the time the people that need the most love are the ones that i put through the most, that need people to have their back; but its extremely hard for them to show that. Just make sure that every person around you gets the love they deserve because sometimes the smallest gesture can turn someones day around.
    I still need you, no matter how strong i can be or pretend to be, so please come soon i’ll be waiting…

    D x

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