• Unfairness at work

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    Why is it that the nice people… the kind ones… the helpful ones… get stepped on by those that are mean, uncaring and hateful?

    Easy answer: because the nice ones are too nice to fight back.

    HOWEVER! What I really do not understand is why it is those negative, gossiping people who then get promoted to higher positions than those who go above and beyond their job descriptions to help others and actually CARE about the job they are doing rather than the bloody title!!

    Did I miss something? What is happening to the world?

    Up to now I have always believed in Karma but I’m starting to think it may all be a load of crap!

    I am fed up of helping and never being rewarded or praised for what I’m doing… fed up of being called into the boss’ office because “someone” said this or that! (Who the hell is this ‘someone’ anyway!!! And why do they never have a FACE??)… fed up of ‘informal’ chats with the bosses about being negative when all I’m doing is saying facts!… fed up of being told I’m behaving “above my station” … I mean what does that even mean?? I’m proactive, I’m helpful, I’m efficient and (even though I’m pretty sure I don’t sound it right now) I’m nice!

    Am I the only one who has noticed it’s the horrid, rude, harsh ones that make it to the top?

    Am I willing to change though? Can I become a nasty piece of work and tread on others to make it to the top? NO! I am not! I’d rather be nice at the bottom of the chain than horrid at the top.

    If there is someone out there who is willing to build up their company with nice, honest, helpful people that is where I need to be!

    I won’t give up until I find it!
    … and you shouldn’t either!

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