• Two night stand

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    You sat with me for 6 hours while I worked an overnight shift. You made me laugh and we compared our fucking playlists. I knew we would sleep together after that. I knew before you did because I know what I want and go after it. We spent two amazing nights fucking like rabbits and then you went back home hundreds of miles away.

    We still talk almost everyday since you left almost 2 weeks ago. You make me smile and laugh like I forgot I could. You get my humor and we enjoy getting a rise out of each other because we are both debaters. We are both intelligent and have the same over achieving stick up our asses. You are my perfect match, I think. We are alike in so many ways… we know each others secrets and stories even though we are still almost strangers. I trust you and I don’t know why. It defies everything I have ever known.

    We know each other’s bodies and minds. If you bare your soul to me I will fall for you. I will fall hard and painfully because I told you after our two amazing nights that you shouldn’t ever love me. That I would break you because I would. So you will never fall for me like I have started for you and it is all my fault.

    Neither of us want to get married… ever. Probably because neither of us had good upbringings and have trouble believing in love, in general. We both want to be foster parents someday. You are even convinced that I will end up where you are: Washington DC because you think we are the same person. And who knows… but maybe someday you will get on one knee and ask me to never marry you… and I will say I do.

    and now I realize…

    Why can’t I ever follow my own advice?

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