• There are too many questions.

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    I just figured out that you’re the Resident Life president or overseer or whatever your title is. You’re that guy that assigns rooms and fills out papers for the department and goes to meetings with the dean and fixes most of the problems with the dorms. I am in lust with the Res Life guy. I don’t like how that sounds. It makes me sounds like some kind of witchy young lady who is into older guys. You don’t even look that old. How old are you? You look about 23, but you’re the Res Life guy. That doesn’t make sense. Whenever I’d see you walk past my desk into the dean’s meeting room, you had your coffee and your smile and your friendliness and you looked like you were what I could have been. A happy work study employee that actually has shit to do. At first I envied you for your position. For so long I envied you because I thought you were something you weren’t. Then I heard your voice and fell in love with it. Where are you from? Your accent is strong. I thought you were an exchange student here to play baseball. You were certainly the sweetest boy in the whole building. “The other work studies don’t smile at me, but this one does :)”. You walking by and greeting everyone once a week was my favorite part of the job.

    Then I heard someone call your name and I thought about how that’s the same name I hear whenever someone talks about dorm problems. It’s not a name like Dave or John or Jose or Luis. Yours is so unique it shouldn’t have a duplicate. When I dropped those keys off in the res life lobby and you kindly took them while you were scheduling appointments for new paint in the dorms, it finally clicked. How did you get there? In that position? You look so young! Why couldn’t I see this before? Why didn’t anyone treat you like you were a president of something? You probably have a pregnant fiance and a home. Why do I still want to get to know you?

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    1. sarah
      July 1, 2011 at 3:05 pm

      …you may go to my school. That accent is indeed badass, lol.

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