• Simply Saying Thank You

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    It was 3:45 in the afternoon. After school, and all I wanted to do was listen to music with my friend at the bus bay. I looked down at my bus ticket.


    The moment that clock hit 3:51, my bus ticket was invalid and the only option would be the 5 hour walk home.

    I looked up at the clock, 3:47. “You should stay here and wait with me for my bus,” my friend offered. With one earphone in her ear and one earphone in mine, I simply nodded. If my ticket was invalid, I’d find a way home.

    That was the way my 15 year old mind thought. I thought, well everything will just happen, if it doesn’t happen my way, tough.


    The moment came when my bus and my friends bus, both pulled up behind each other and my ‘friend’ decided that she would be fine catching the bus by herself seeing as my bus was right there.

    I confidently walked towards my bus, and upon entering, glanced at the time. 3:55. I realized that no amount of bargaining would phase the bus driver. “But please I-” All I got back was a shake of the head, I hung my head in shame and exited the bus. I didn’t care about the people on the bus.. I didn’t care about what they were thinking, I just wanted to get home.

    “I can’t get home!” I whispered acidly to my ‘friend’, who, at the time, I blamed. That followed with around 2 full on minutes of me, not shyly, yelling my fears and shouting how ‘I was going to hyperventilate and die’ because of the long walk home I’d have to partake in. “Oh my god, I can’t get home.. Oh my god! I’m gonna die. I’m dying. I’m dead! You killed me!” I was infuriated with my friend, after all, being a teenager, nothing was my fault.

    Mid sentence, explaining my death to my, now sick-of-my-bickering ‘friend’, I felt a coin hit my palm.

    I don’t know why you did it. Was it because I was a stupid teenage girl, making a scene?

    You had on your uniform, you were from another school. That was the first thing I noticed, then I noticed you were a few years older than me, then I noticed what you had done.

    But by the time I had noticed, your back was turned and you just wanted to get back on the bus. I blinked, my friend mumbled a quick, “You better thank that guy when you get on.” before hopping onto her bus, and leaving.

    “Thank you so much!” I remember smiling so wide it started to hurt. You were such a gentleman about it as well. You thoroughly refused the 40 cents left over from the two dollars, but I thoroughly insisted, saying ‘it’s pity money’.

    The whole bus ride, you sat on the seats opposite me, just the aisle separating us. You listened to your music and I listened to mine. As you got up to leave, I wanted to say thank you again, but I .. I was just too shy. Now, I write you this letter, simply saying:

    Thank you.

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