• She’s lucky

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    Dear D.,
    thanks for being who you are and for treating me like you do. Thanks for being part of the best part of my life. Thanks for being the person i’m in love with, the only person who gives me emotions and heartbeats.

    Even though i told you my feelings for you knowing that you don’t feel the same, things haven’t changed at all. You still text me every night, still come at my place and still talk normally to me. This is something i really appreciate because it shows how you are smart and mature. You told me we are “serious friends” and it’s good enough for me.

    You’ve been taken for 6 months now, and i believe you have everything but the purpose of dumping your girlfriend. Last night when you came you said you just had your 6th months anniversary with her, and that made me smile. It made me smile because even if the girl is not me, she’s lucky to have something like you. I find your story with her so cute and romantic, she’s pretty and young. I tried to fit in her shoes and it felt so amazing. Maybe meeting you was the last thing she was expecting in her life, maybe at first she didn’t even like you, maybe you didn’t even like her. But she found you.

    You’ve been hanging out and meeting each others, you texted her, you tried to get to know about her life. And then you fell in love and kissed her for the first time. She told her bestfriend you did and laughed hard about that because of the huge happiness. She wrote your name on papers and had dreams about you, she fell asleep thinking about the great afternoon you had together and listened to love songs thinking about you. That’s just so great.

    I know that because that’s what i feel right now. What is different is that she got to have you and i just didn’t and that is probably and surely because she gave you emotions i didn’t give you. But it’s fine, i can’t change how things went and i’m happy you have somebody by your side that makes you feel great and good about yourself.

    Things won’t change, they won’t ever change. We won’t ever be together because i’ll probably end up giving up on you or falling in love with somebody else and you won’t ever like me. But i feel good about that anyways, because i had the chance of meeting you in my life. Even though i’m still very young, i will always remember you, and i’ll probably end up telling my grandchildren about you. So i’m telling you thank you, once again, for meeting me on your way and for thinking it was worth stopping a little by.

    the hug i’ve been wanting to give you for 2 months that i’ve never been brave enough to give,
    your serious friend

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