• Reasons I think I like you

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    I think I like you and there are a lot of reasons why I should. Here are a few:

    I like how we’re neighbors.
    I like that we walk to school together.
    I like a lot that you’re not a jerk.

    You’re actually really nice… very nice.

    You actually tell me what’s up when I ask.
    You are so into Harry Potter and Star Wars.
    (I also like that I haven’t seen all the Star Wars movies and you own them so its an excuse to watch a movie with you in your basement)

    I like that you smell good.
    I like that you’re tall and I’m short.
    I like that I could talk about boys with you and you’d give me advice.
    And I would do that too if the boy I wanted to talk about wasn’t you.
    I like how you’re quiet until you’re alone with a friend and then you WON’T SHUT UP!

    I like how I’ve known you all my life.

    I like that your mom likes me
    and I like that I like your mom.

    I like that you like to sing.
    I like that you don’t know which octave you belong in anymore now that your voice is cracking.

    I like how we have similar problems
    like drifting from close friends
    and finding our way in school.
    I like that you love your dog.

    I like that you’re into video games.
    I really like that you introduced me to a ton of online flash games.

    I like how I can be my really weird self around you and you don’t care.
    I like how we can have light saber battles and nerf gun wars when we’re
    I like how we can take walks together and just have fun.
    I like your hugs.

    I like how you’re confident even if you don’t know how confident you really
    seem to be about yourself.

    I like how I learn something new about you every time we talk even though
    I’ve known you a while.

    I like how not awkward it is between us,
    even though I like you a lot.


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