• Just say it.

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    Dear Samuel,

    I should have known better. I should have learned the first time when we hooked up you didn’t want anything more than sex. I should have known better when you said you wanted to keep it a “secret” that you were not over her. You said all those things to me, how you wanted to be with me, you wanted to treat me right, that you would never treat me like he did. You lied, you met someone better, and then completely ignored me. That’s how you ended things with me, You were not man enough to just say it how it was. You broke me. I thought about you all the time, months and months passed and you were still crossing my mind daily. Even though I doubt I was even in the back of your mind. I knew I shouldn’t have gone a saw you, but I did. You were dating someone, so I convinced myself we could just be friends. But in the back of mind i knew what I really wanted, I wanted to give us another try. You guys broke up, and I was right there picking up the pieces. Before long, we went into the same old habits, hooking up, keeping it secret. I knew you weren’t over her, but I tried to convince myself it would be okay to just hook up, something was better than nothing. i wanted more this entire time but I was afraid you would run away if I told you. I know you don’t care about me, it’s obvious now. But I want closure, I want to move on, but most of all I want to know that I know I will never be left wondering what might have been if i just would have told you how i felt. I know you don’t care, I just need to hear you say those words. Just say it, Sam. Please, just say there is nothing there and i can finally move on. just don’t let me keep wondering, it’s torturing me inside.


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