• I can’t want you.

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    I can’t want you. For so many reasons. Our personalities are not a match made in the stars. You are flighty, impulsive, sometimes a little childish. But I sat down next to you at the bar and we carried on a conversation like we’d been doing it for the 12 years I haven’t seen you. We’re going through the same thing right now, and we find it very easy to relate to each other. We talk about this like no one else knows what it’s like. We give each other insight and kind words. In a way, we’re holding each other up. I find that every time I talk to you (not really talking, I guess. Text for now) I find myself opening up more and more to you. I am aware that you are a master with words, and you are very charming. But whatever it is that you’re doing, it’s working. You live in another town, but we’ve both made comments that reveal the desire to see each other soon. That day can’t come soon enough for me. We’ve both indicated the need for sex, and we both know we can help one another out in that department. I have to be careful not to come on too strong with you. I don’t want to smother you. I need to learn to ignore you for a little bit; keep it interesting. But I like hearing from you every other day. Just seeing what’s up. I’ve known you for a long time, and maybe even had a little crush on you at one time. But I feel like we’ve instantly clicked, like we just had to get a little older and wiser to realize that, as you’ve said, we have a lot in common. You’re on my mind a lot these days. I daydream about you constantly. I wonder where this will go.

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