• Give All To Love

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    Give all to love

    Emerson told me;

    “Give all to love;
    Obey thy heart;
    Friends, kindred, days,
    Estate, good fame,
    Plans, credit, and the muse;
    Nothing refuse.

    ‘Tis a brave master,
    Let it have scope,
    Follow it utterly,
    Hope beyond hope

    And I listened. I cry out I gave it all! I gave it all! I gave you everything. I offered you whatever you wanted. I said should I move? I will move for you darling. Should we run off and travel as you have long talked about – let us go, let us go now!

    I opened up my heart to you after you nearly destroyed my soul once. I told myself love was strong – and everyone makes mistakes. But then you did it again. You slept with someone else. Not sex you said, just sleep. But how could I believe a word you say anymore? Lie after lie after lie. I grew so weary trying to figure out the truth. I screamed to you that not on the phone – WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! But it’s true – who do you think you are, that you can treat people this way?

    You dropped me off on a street corner with my bags – trying to get rid of me like an unwanted dog.

    I am a human.

    I feel the need to say it again, I am a person.

    You are words. You are lies. That is all you are and ever will be.

    I am terrified of you, because what are you, human at all?

    Can humans really do this to other humans?

    I am terrified of you.

    I am more than words. Watch me. Watch me grow up in pictures and comments on facebook. Watch me travel the world – while you rot in that shithole. While you lay in a cesspool of all the dreams you didn’t have the balls to go after.

    I will learn to love again. I will give it everything again. It might be years, but I will love again. I will continue giving whatever I have to love, because there is nothing else.

    I will even love you. Because I am love. I will not carry anger, I will leave it here on this page. I will love you. I will strive to love all.

    I will give it all to love.

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