• Everything I wanted and more

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    Dear Collin,

    You were everything to me and I never knew why. You were just another farm hand from another small non-descriptive town. You’re going nowhere in life. The way the economy is, you need a college degree; you barely passed high school as it is. And all the fighting you’ve done? It just makes you look bad, for a lack of better terms. I know your life hasn’t been the best, but don’t you think your Mom would want you to be something better?

    After a year of being on and off, I’m finally done. I’ve realized that after so long and receiving nothing but heartache, you’re not going to change. I know my thoughts are scrambled, but that’s how I feel. I always felt I had to compete with other girls for you. But it was never enough for you, was it? The constant bull shit about you being sick, or you already having plans has finally gotten to me. It was all just a game; see how much the pretty girl will fight for you huh? Well it ends here. Everyone told me you couldn’t change, but I was only trying to find the good in you.

    Don’t call me, or text me; I won’t pick up anymore. If you see me on the street or at the store, please don’t try and start a conversation with me. Just smile at me and be on your way.

    Best of luck in the future.

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