• all good things come to an end

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    Most of the letters on this sight are to one person. This letter is to 15 people. i think i speak for everyone us 16 when i say that no matter where we go in life we could never forget any one of us. The 15 of you made me who I am today. I LOVE YOU. Yes u read correctly i love you guys for everything we have been through and accomplished together. Because I met each one of you i will never be the same. I could easily write a book of at least 500 pages on the things i love about you guys and our “journey”. how many people could say they can to that? not many.

    but now to the reason i am even writing this letter.

    leaving you was not my choice, you need to know that. if i could, i would choose you guys over anyone, any group, any organization, and an “elite” shit.

    i was watching the bruins game and they won the stanley cup and i realized i cared WWAAYY more about our victories than the most popular hockey team in the countries victory.

    people sometimes ask me questions about what we do, and how we do it, and often they critisize. they don’t get it. they will never understand. it’s gunna suck seeing all your pictures up on facebook with your new friends that will replace me. and it’s gunna suck worse to see all of you guys posting on each other’s walls will hearts and smileys, knowing i was once a part of that.

    you have no idea how bad i miss you guys. i think i always will.

    all of us made up the greatest hockey team i have ever played for.

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