• 149 miles

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    Dear you,

    Your arms were wrapped around my waist, as you whispered in my ear how much you want me to be yours. We stared in to each other’s eyes and you finally made me feel again. Then, I woke up. It was the third time this week I dreamt of your wonderful eyes, and that smile that I have only been blessed enough to see a few times in my life.

    I know every single little fact about you. I have spent this past year learning everything there is to know about you. We talk often and I treasure each word I get from you.

    I’m a lonely person. That awkward girl that would rather stay at home watching horror movies than go out to party. You seem so perfect and so terribly unattainable. Those nights I spent with you are the only reason I made it through this horrendous year. On that night I sat on my bathroom floor about to make the last decision I would ever face, I thought of you. How I longed to be near you again. How I would only have to wait a short time to be able to see you again.

    I would post this letter under “Love – Pure and simple” but that isn’t the case. We are not simple. The complexities of our friendship push me to the limits at times, but then I remember how perfect you are to me. I truly believe you were put on this earth to save me, yet the universe could not let us off that easy. You are in my life plan my dear. You are my missing piece and I know that with all my heart.

    149 stupid miles. 314,668 footsteps away from me. Distance is only an 8 letter word, yet it has such an impact on the way we live our lives. I wish I could go out with you like normal friends, but I know I can’t. Just being able to see you for a few short hours takes so much time and planning. A lousy 8 letter word is what is keeping us from having a future.

    I’d honestly do anything to change that. I can’t wait for the day I can pack up my things, and move to be where you are. Until then I will rely on our late night conversations, our inside jokes, and the butterfly conservatory that has established in my stomach due to your way with words. I pray you don’t find another that’s closer to you, in the time we must wait. If you do, I’ll wait as long as it takes for you to realize I’m the one that completes your plan. One day, 149 will be reduced to a one-digit number. Until then, I’ll continue to be in love with you, from far, far away.

    with much love,


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