• You’re my soul mate. But I’m in love with your brother.

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    You were perfect, everything I had ever dreamed of, everything I had ever thought I wanted, but would never find. But you left you walked away like I was nothing, you made me feel like I finally meant something. But clearly I was wrong, you left and never looked back. I was broken, I cried endlessly over you. Then months later, I found someone who made me feel better, told me you were stupid for leaving me, stupid for not knowing what you had. And I know it was easy for him to feel this way, because he knows you very well, he knows you better than anyone, ’cause he has known you the longest. Because well this guy who made everything better, and who I spent the last year with, who I drove 6 hours to see, who I love kissing, and I love being in his arms. He is your younger brother. And I know that it’s wrong, and sometimes I think it’s a little gross. But he has given me more than you ever could. I don’t know why I feel that I owe you an apology because you’re the one who left me broken. And he came and picked up all the pieces.

    So I’m sorry.

    You did mean a lot to me. But he means more, because he cares.

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