• You

    by  • June 30, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak, Inspiration • 0 Comments

    You are in love, you were in love, in either instance you have once seen the sky a lighter shade a blue, the grass a lusher green, and heard the sweet sound of a birds song. Now as you curl in your bed, holding the pieces of your heart. The deflated pieces that were once so swollen with love, you tell yourself you can’t go on. There is no one out there for you. That they were the one, your everything. I’ll tell you, this close your mind for a minute and listen, you can still hear those birds, it is the same melody the same beautiful tone, it’s you that has changed, but why? The sky is still that beautiful blue, the butterflies still land in the lush green. Close your cluttered mind and open your ears to the beauty, let your eyes see the colors. Live with your own happiness. You are the only person that can truly change your mood. Go outside, get out of your room get out of the dark. Live, for you are still alive, nothing is more beautiful than your life.

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