• Why I Call Her Best Friend

    by  • June 30, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Friends • 1 Comment

    Because to her, doing splits is as easy as breathing.
    Because she has my style but wears it better.
    Because it’s normal for her to have five guys pursuing her at one time.
    Because she makes soupy mac and cheese.
    Because she likes animals.
    Because she wanted us to watch Pooh Bear’s Grand Adventure on mute.
    Because she steals my sayings and gets the credit.
    Because her hair is annoyingly straight.
    Because she is tone deaf.
    Because she has the same car as me,
    but a newer version.
    Because her favorite candy is Swedish Fish.
    Because one time she asked me to wake her up in the morning,
    and when I did, she hit me.
    Because at the end of movies, she is confused about who the main character is.
    Because she stole my favorite shorts for two years.
    Because she likes ketchup on her eggs.
    Because she says ayverything instead of everything and aygg, not egg.
    Because she hates reading.
    Because she likes canoeing.
    Because she painted her phone with nail polish.
    Because she mistook my shoes for hers even though my feet are a size bigger.
    Because those shoes have yet to be returned.
    Because she has a friend named Walley.
    Because she likes the song “Lips of an Angel”.
    Because she volunteers me for every church game.
    Because she calls me Buttface-lin.
    Because she loves yellow because it’s happy and doesn’t look good anyone.
    Because she illegally downloads music.
    Because she doesn’t value sleep.
    Because she always makes me drive her home,
    Even though she’s never on the way.
    I love her because, not despite.

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    1. Em
      June 30, 2011 at 8:07 pm

      she is lucky to have you! =D

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