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    Today, you BEGGED me to convince your girlfriend and my best friend to reconsider saying that she wants the relationship to be over. I know that you HATE me and that i was probably your last resort. It felt good to be asked for help and that you looked to me, but you resented everything i said. I told you that the relationship should be over in the nicest way possible. I told you that maybe you shouldnt be together because your lack of trust for each other is not healthy AT ALL. it’s not good for you to always be fighting and saying you don’t care when you really do. BOTH of you push each other’s buttons by hangin out with other people and texting them. I tried to tell you that i cared about you because i do.

    She gets mad at you for talking to other girls and sending them pictures. You get mad at her for talking to other guys. BOTH of you have cheated and told each other. THat’s not a relationship. It’s been a YEAR. that shit does not happen if you love each other. I know that it may hurt to not be with her but trust me it’s for the best. I haven’t been saying that because i want her to be with someone else it’s because i don’t like what she does, and her morals regarding cheating are so deformed. i want to be your friend. You can’t trust me is what you say. but you can. i’m not gonna throw your girlfriend under the bus but i have to. The reason why you have a problem with me is because you don’t trust her. you think that i lie to you all the time and i always “text you” off her phone or i “start fights” with you. IT’s not me. It’s her. She can talk her way out of it because she knows how far she can push you. It’s not right. When i’m talking to you it’s purely my opinion, not trying to be bias, or trying to intentionally hurt you.

    I understand why you don’t trust me. As much as i wanna blame it on your gf i can’t completely do it. Sometimes i let her blame it on me, thinking i was being a good friend. But it sucks to know that you don’t care about me. In fact, you hate me. Lately your biggest problem with me is that i let her hang out with Jerry. To be honest, i do let them hang out but i’m always there. I hate that they kiss a lot. yes i said KISS. She has also kissed macs several times. i told both her and jerry that i felt bad about you. If she was gonna do that then why is she with you. I care. you don’t see that tho. She threw me under the bus and killed our relationship. I will never forgive her for that. NEVER. i wish that you would believe me 100%. if you don’t think she cheated, then i have a picture. She will probably talk her way out of it, but at least it will be out there. But i can’t tell you. You would never believe me and everyone would call me the bitch.

    So basically when i’m telling you that i’m supporting the break up its for you. i want you to be happy. And this is not happy. This is not love. It’s infatuation. It’s some distorted emotion that is only in effect when you are happy with each other with is not often. It’s just an excuse you say to justify the emotional attachment that you have cuz you lost your virginity to her. I want you to trust me. I want you to understand. And i want you to be HAPPY.

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