• Torture

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    We Started On April 3rd 2011. You Had A Girl: She Was Pregnant! You Are My Front Door Neighbor. I Liked You Since December 23, 2010. You Were Impossible.

    Somehow I Knew This Wasn’t A Good Idea. I Knew You Would End Up Breaking My Heart. I Knew You Loved Her More. I Knew I Was Just 14. I Knew You Were 19. I Knew This Only Had One Name… Torture.

    Somehow, You Made Me Happy. Like No one Else Has Ever Done. Because Your Sweet Words Were So Warm To My Ears That I Just Fell For It. I Knew It Wasn’t True. But I Just Wanted To Enjoy That Moment Of Happiness. A Moment I Never Thought Would Come Again. So I Wanted It To Last; Even Though I Knew Deep Inside It Would Be Gone.

    Then Everything Became Reality; Little By Little I Had To Let You Go.

    Because You Weren’t Aren’t & Will Never Be Mine. Because Your Intentions Weren’t What I Wanted Them To Be. Because You Were Causing Me Trust Issues With My Family. Because You Lied. Because You Brought Her To Your House Everytime. Because You Slept With Her. Because You Had A Family. Because You Broke My Heart. Because I Cried In My Sleep. Because You Didn’t Love Me The Way I Still Love You. Because Everything Stopped Being Like I Wanted It To Be. Because It Never Was What I Wanted. Because I Woke Up.

    And Now Here I Am, Missing You. And Now Here I Am, Still Watching You Through My Window. And Now Here I Am, Watching Her Take Away What Was Never Mine. And Now Here I Am, Wondering If You Remember You Stood With Me When We Made A Month. And Now Here I Am, Wondering If You Remember My Birthday. And Now Here I Am, Remembering How We Use To Be.

    How We Once Were… How We Will Never Be.

    I Wanna Call. I Wanna Hug You. I Wanna Tell You I Need You. I Wanna Let You Know I Wont Forget You. I Wanna Let You Know No One Can Be Like You. I Wanna Be With You. I Wanna Be Like Your Baby Mom For A Few Minutes Just To Demostrate You How Much I Love You.I Wanna Be With You Forever. I Wanna Argue With You Like Before. I Wanna Tell You I Love You One More Time.

    But I Can’t Cause What Can It Change?
    Nothing, Absolutely Nothing.

    So I’ll Saty Here Suffering, Crying, Screaming… Smiling. Because As Long As Your Happy; Im Happy. Cause If I Love You I’ll Let You Go.
    I Did. I Love you Jesus Manuel Lopez C.

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