• To my knight in shining armor.

    by  • June 30, 2011 • Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    Knight my ass! You’re a fuck face and a liar. How could you just walk away from me like that? If you loved me soooooo much you would still be here. It hurts knowing that I want to be with you so badly and have you exit the room to never hear from them again. You took your leather jacket and left. Bebe you have issues, one day you’re hot and the next day you’re cold. I finally know what Katy Perry’s talking about. I spent almost two years, always doing what you wanted. Going along with it, to have you screw me over just like i should have known you would.

    You are soooo afraid to just love me. And you were right along time ago when you said I deserve someone better than you. I did and I still do.You may not be my knight, but I’m sure as hell someone out there wants to be mine. I believe in love, and how amazing it’s been. I’m glad I’m finally free from you so I can start enjoying myself again. I guess I lied when I said you make me happy.

    I’m sorry I hurt your precious ego. No you were not the only one i was with when we were hooking up. Yet, you thinks it’s ok to do that shit. You’re a fucking hypocrite. This is going to be a long summer, but fyi everything you promised we were going to do together I am still going to do. Because I never needed you. Know that you should have not strung me along. For that I hate you. Know that you should have never broke your promises. For that I hate you. Know that we should have never lasted as long as we did. For that I love you.

    Have a nice fulfilling life.

    Your ex-princess

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