• To guys #1-5

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    Dear Past,

    Boy 1-Abuser
    You ruined me for sure. Your torture and abuse made me exactly who I am today. I am a fantastic girl, but I have a warped mindset on sex and relationships. And by the way I was only 14. No 14 year old needs to be talked to like that, and you were 14 too. What you did was not my fault, and I firmly believe that. I always will hold this hatred for you in my heart and that eats me alive sometimes. The days I don’t get out of bed, they are your fault too.

    Boy 2- Drugs or me? Drugs
    You were a great guy, in the beginning. You helped me through so much of the pain and trouble I went through after #1. Thank you, but you helped me feel all the physical things were normal, and that has made me a very different person. I do not blame you for anything except the end. The drugs were more important, and you broke my heart. But I got over it.

    Boy 3-Horndog
    Short and physical, that’s what we were. I don’t want to count you but I do. You fell in love after we ended. That wasn’t good enough for me. Im sorry I couldn’t be that girl for you, I was to busy being that girl for another man.

    Boy 4- First
    Everybody thought you were it, we were a match made in heaven. You were good for me, and I turned Scrooge into a real man who was kind and loving. I loved you, I really did. Pushing me out of your life to play tennis was a terrible excuse. I am sorry you made that mistake and torture me for it. I am done with you, I have been for a while.

    Boy 5- New Man
    It’s new, I don’t know what will happen. I pray it works.

    Here’s to the future and forgetting the past.
    With love,

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