• Promise Me…

    by  • June 30, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Hope, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    You said, “I gotta be honest,”
    yet the words you speak,
    don’t make sense to me.
    Speaking of times where things
    aren’t what they seem.

    Just these feelings waiting
    to break me to nothing.
    I slice through our friendship
    with one sharp knick.
    I thought we were stronger than this.

    I’m watching my life run down the drain.
    The drip of memories we’ll never share.
    If only we can work this out,
    if only you could see that I’m dying.
    Maybe, then you would save me.

    Yet, everytime I tell you I can’t touch,
    you push me in deeper.
    I try to tell you I can’t swim,
    but you look at me as if i’m lying.
    leaving me to drown.

    Reach into this darkness,
    blindly search for my hand.
    Grab onto me and
    never let me fall again,
    into my own uncertainty.

    Pull me up, higher than before
    farther from our demise,
    and remember these tough times
    that made us stronger
    and brought me close to you.

    It’s my ways you’ve seemed to change.
    My will must bend before it breaks.
    Late at night I replay our life,
    beginning where I first met you
    And I know I could never stay mad.

    You said, “I gotta be honest,”
    An the next thing you say
    is a promise to me
    That things aren’t always as they seem
    But you won’t ever leave.

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