• Love Letter to P

    by  • June 30, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Wish • 0 Comments

    Trapped inside my head and the bars are closing in, who will come rescue me?

    The sparkle in my eyes is fading and only in my head is there an imaginary world in which I can live happily. In my head, I am the perfect amount of curvy, I don’t need makeup and you need me the way I need you. I am your perfect woman. You allow me to snuggle up to you during all those scary movies, protect me the way I have always desired. After the movie ends we go back to your room and although the passion exists, this time we just climb into bed and fall asleep wrapped around each other. Our hearts our full and sleep comes to us with smiles on our faces. A heart encloses us both; we are the definition of love. We compliment each other perfectly. We were made for each other. In my head this is who we are and I’m waiting for fate to step in and make this a reality.

    You may not have Buble’s voice but babe you are still my crooner and I would rather listen to you sing for hours than listen to the overbearing thoughts in my head. You sing with such conviction in the car and I love that. Sure I’m the jealous type but wouldn’t you prefer that to the type that is apathetic? When I’m not around you I miss you. As I talk to you I smile, I feel a bubble rising in my chest and the world shifts on its axis, righting itself for the entirety of the conversation. I’ve never known this before, this aching at not seeing you, not talking to you, of seeing your face, watching your beautiful 6 foot frame walk through the doorway and letting me know I am safe now because you are here to protect me from the rest of the world.
    I believe in Karma but apparently she doesn’t believe in me. I haven’t been rewarded with the gift of being loved by another person and I can’t wait until that day comes because hopefully this wait that seems eternal will be worth it.

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