• Just me being Dramatic about Love… and fairy tales.

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    I know you’re what I want but not what I need. However you… are what I need and what I make my self-want. Why? Because you’re distant, you’re far away and you can’t hurt me anymore than you already have. Silence hurts but it’s repetitive, I know my actions reaction will be nothing. And then there is what I want, I… give and give and then you… take and take and take and take. You love me and then you lose me just as fast as you have been satisfied.

    Neither of you should be apart of my daily wants and needs, yet somehow I go back and forth each day trying to become someone I’m not. To make things worse both of you are so different. Why couldn’t one of you just held on and never let me go. I could have made you so happy.

    I miss you, I need you, and at the end of the day, I have to let you go. Both of you.

    And please, I want you both to be happy, but can I have my fairy tale too? If it is not with either of you, can you help me make this dream come true? If not with you, then with who?

    Miley J

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