• Ill Never be the Same

    by  • June 30, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up, Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    A couple months ago it was you and me looking at forever together. You promised me your heart if i would never hurt you. I kept my promise.. Why didnt you keep your? My heart is shattered. You choose her over me. (I feel real special) I don’t know if i’ll ever feel right again. When i see you my heart skips a beat. i can’t breathe. I want to just run up to you and kiss you like i used to be able to but now that’s in the past. I’ll never again look you in the eyes and think, i want to look at these eyes forever. I will never be able to just grab you and hug you when ever i want. I will never again be the same.

    The thing stuff has happened to me. I was in an abusive relationship before you, he tried to rape me. I have had so many family problems. I have wanted this over for a long time. But guess what none of those things have made me feel the way you did. Believe it or not when you fall in love and you’re truly in love and then find out they didn’t love you it hurts more than anything imaginable. It’s not a physical pain, it’s the type that doesn’t let you stop crying, it’s the kind that makes your whole body shake, it’s the kind where if you think about even for a second it will kill you all over again. I’ll never be the same.
    I just wish i could go back in time and instead of me sitting by you freshman year i would sit in the back corner. Maybe none of this would have happened.

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