• I wanted you to know…

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    i wanted you to know that i was crazy about you. Head over heels. i hung on your every word, wondering what the punctuation in your texts meant. i let you say what you wanted, allowing you to make fun of me, thinking it was all in fun, and maybe you’d like me if i could take it. i spent hours of the night, helping you with your homework even though i knew you knew the answers, hoping you’d see me as the one who would stay by your side. I stuck with you through your singleness, your girlfriend, and then the break up after. i was with you when your friends thought you were clingy. i sat there while you vented, almost to the point of tears. i let you tell me that you weren’t looking to date, while you asked me to cuddle you at the same time. i lay there in your arms while you told me you didn’t know how you felt about me. i was there while you led me on.

    you weren’t there when i cried and wondered at night, waiting to know what you felt.

    i need you to know that i’m done. i’m done being made fun of for living in the suburbs when you grew up on a farm. i’m done having you tell me i’m emotionless, when you know i’m guarded because of my past relationships. i’m done with you expecting me to be there to edit you papers that are due by midnight the day you text me. i’m done with you making comments about my body when you know it makes me uncomfortable. i’m done with you using me.

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    1. Rebekah
      July 1, 2011 at 12:13 am

      i know what you’re feeling

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