• I miss you

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    Dear Kyle,
    I love you. ever since the first day i talked to you i knew we were going to be really close. i would do anything for you and i always will.
    the problem is, i’m not allowed to talk to you anymore. you have shut me out of your life and you make it seem so easy. you may not have been my first, but you are my first love, and nothing will ever change that.
    After a year together, you can assume we would be happy together, but you were too much of a free spirit to keep with me, and you don’t need me. But i need you. every second since that horrible phone call when you said you couldnt be with me anymore, all i could think about was how much i want you back. but i couldnt take you back because of how much you hurt me.
    i want to see you again. to know that it wasnt my imagination. that i found my perfect man and he broke my heart.
    i love you and miss you and i want to be your friend, because we werent just boyfriend and girlfriend, we were best friends, and i miss that so much.
    no one can compare with you, and if i never see you again i feel like i will go crazy.
    just remember me please. i need you.

    Love, your “crazy” ex

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