• First Love Blues

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    Dear YOU,

    Yes, you. The person who is in love for the first time. You, who wants to love and be loved. Who tries to be there for your partner, who calls and messages when you say you will. Who isn’t surprised when they don’t message you back as fast as they used to, or call as often as they used to. Who watches as they flirt with someone else. Who forgives them for cheating because they were drunk. Who is the butt of too many jokes. Who loves holding someone close. Who loves whether or not it makes sense. Who doesn’t want to end things because sometimes it’s great.


    Forgiving them on multiple occasions is an act of love, but if they’re still screwing up then they aren’t respecting your love. Their idea of love is not the same as yours. You don’t have to feel that sickening mix of doubt and nostalgia for “good times” anymore.

    You can get out of the relationship and make room in your heart for someone who will treat you better. It will hurt for a few weeks, you will only remember the good times on some days and only remember the bad times on other days. But the pain will fade. You can be alone and be happy for the time being. Expect more for your next relationship. Set your standards high but treat them how you want to be treated. It gets better.

    Someone who just healed from their first love

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