• Dear JW,

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    It’s so easy to explain exactly how I feel for you and it’s strange because it’s never been easy for me to explain my feelings about someone, but for you it’s different. I know we haven’t known eachother for a very long time and I know we just started hanging out, but I’m starting to develop feelings for you. You’re so cool and so nice, I can’t even stand it. I love everything about you, I can’t believe I didn’t realize any of this about you before? You’re so attractive, especially the way you smile, that’s what gets me going. I love your eyes, you obviously know though because of the many times I told you how green eyes are my favorite and creeping you out, but I’m happy to know that you actually enjoyed me talking about your eyes. Everytime I see your name show up on my phone I get lots of butterflies, just because of the fact that I am nervous for your response to what I said. Then when you ask me to hang out with you, it makes me incredibly happy or when you ask me to come over to your house. It makes me feel all these great feelings that sometimes I’m not too sure if they’re good or bad. I know I get my hopes up everyday, wondering if you’re feeling the same way as how I feel for you, I wish you did so badly, because each time we hang out I develop strong feelings for you. I just wish so badly, so very badly, that you felt the same way, I would be so happy if you did. I find myself sometimes not caring if you even feel the same way as I feel for you, because knowing that you’re there and I get to spend time with you just makes me the happiest person ever. I hope that you don’t ever change because I just adore your personality.

    Secret Crush

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