• Dear Fuck It,

    by  • June 30, 2011 • Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    Hey tom, I’m back with letter number three, I feel like maybe if I keep writing these you might magically stumble across one and some other magical factor will happen. I doubt it. I wish it didn’t hurt to love you. I wish it didn’t hurt to see you with her, that you saying she’d kill me for this when its just cuddling didn’t make me feel like I still had a chance. Or when we were joking around in Eric’s car while he was in chicken holiday trying to get a pay check and you said something like I’ll fuck you when we break up. You laughed because I said alright really quietly, I said alright really quietly because I never thought you think that it will end. If you think it, it happens. I just want you to be happy, but if it was my world you’d be happy with me. It makes me happy that you called me to hang out not once but twice since that day. Even though I couldn’t the day Maddy was there. It’s not that I can’t it’s just I remember listening to the almost and almost crying to the point where I had to bite my lip so hard it bleed and smoke a cigarette out your window so the tears wouldn’t fall. You’ve seen me cry twice. I don’t cry. You know I’m not smart, or stable or strong, and you’re still here for me, and I don’t get it. I’ve always thought you would be better off with out me. I’ve always thought you’d be better off with out her. I don’t trust her. I never did, I don’t think I ever will. I won’t trust her with your heart, but that’s not mine to give away. If it was I defiantly wouldn’t. I’m happy you managed to get over me quickly enough but I’m not you, and you’re unforgettable. You may joke about that because everyone says you are in bed, but I wouldn’t know. I just think you’re Amazing. I know anyone I know saw these letters they’d realize the world might just be ending because Allie managed to grow a heart, but it was always there, I’m just a hopeless romantic deep down. The funny thing is I Don’t Care if anyone see this and knows it’s me, because Its all fucking true tom, your my little emo half of the puzzle.
    Sincerely, Zombie Feet

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