• Dear Child, I’ve been Dying to Reach You

    by  • June 30, 2011 • Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    But My Extension Cord doesn’t reach that far.

    I’m laying here in my bed, I’m talking about Seeing my best friend, who I see once a god damn year. I should be focused on that.
    I’m only still up because I can’t sleep right with out you. Not since the night I fell asleep in your arms, In Your Bed.
    Since then I got to fall asleep in your arms in my bed
    and I still get to be in your arms, When no ones watching.

    God damn how everything changed.
    Instead of me hiding you, because I was scared. Of what I don’t know?
    But now you’re hiding me. Because you’re scared to lose your beloved girlfriend. Who wrestles boys naked in front of you, while you just stand there?
    God I hope I wasn’t this hard to understand. I’m sure I was though, I was always so horrible to you.

    You said you’d wait,
    but clearly not forever.
    I’m here waiting,
    Please come back?

    I hope I’m not there when you come back,
    I want you on your knees begging
    but let’s be real here
    I’d take the chance on being with you anyday

    I’m lying to my friend and your girlfriend, So I can spend time with you
    You’re the only one I want to spend time with in the end
    And the one girl I will love forever?
    She knows all this shit, and she wants to meet you

    That won’t end well,
    She might hit you
    you might hate her
    Will you both understand that I love you both?
    you guys will like each other but god damn what if your self esteem miss interprets her humor?

    Dont forget me on the road
    Dont forget to hold my hand
    Dont forget to take your time
    Dont forget that I am yours, and you’ll never be mine.

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