• borrowing your words.

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    I saw a letter posted like this.. it made me want to do it so, here it goes.

    I love you, I love you because you are my boy. Always have been.
    Because you know almost everything there is to know about cars.
    Because you want to ride bikes with me in the summertime.
    I love you because we fit together when we sleep side by side.
    Because when my stomach hurts you’ll put pressure on it.
    Because when I ask you to rub my back, the action of doing so puts you to sleep almost instantly.
    Because you take forever to wash the car, because you want it to be perfect.
    Because you have let me share your best friend with you, even though he was yours first.

    I love you because you change the words to every song, even though I say you are ruining them.
    Because you will play NASCAR 2011 until 2AM and win every single race.
    Because you never hear me when I talk.
    Because of our shared past, and how much it still makes me smile to think of it.

    I love you for your honey eyes, and the way they sparkle when you are picking on me.
    I love you for understanding my fear of water, and helping me.
    For your crooked smile.
    When you make your Subaru noises at work to tease Michelle.

    I love you because you hate watching horror movies because you know how hard it is for me to handle them.
    I love you because you call me Roseanne.
    I love you because you twitch when I try to put eyeliner on you as a joke.
    I love you because you take the worst pictures of me, and still say they are beautiful.

    I love you I love you, because you are YOU. I love so much more. I will never stop loving you. I adore you as a matter of fact. I do. I just wanted to tell you that.

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