• this is getting out of hand

    by  • June 29, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    i want to go back to when i could walk past you and not feel a thing. it was only about 4 month ago when i could. it only took about 1 month for me to fall for you. Some say i’m just being ridiculous and i’m just obsessed, but i’m not. If they saw the things you said they maybe would understand the half of it. Some nights i can’t sleep because i miss you so much. We didn’t even date and yes i realize that but i remember when you first said you liked me.. ” i’m really starting to like you ” and we hung out the next day. Some say guys just use girls but you didn’t. You respected me…payed for me wherever we went… held my hand…kissed me…talked to me when i needed someone. I met your best friend and everything. yeah i realize you played me, but deep down i know u loved me…u said it to me first and i know it’s dumb young love but it’s enough. The other girl you had on the side doesn’t know the half of it…she ruined everything…she didn’t meet your mom…she didn’t meet your brothers.. she didn’t meet your best friend.. you didn’t take her out to the movies, or the boardwalk… she didn’t get to hold your hand…you guys didn’t even kiss! and now i sit here every night and wonder what you are doing right now? are you with another girl? cause i know i’m not with another guy … not like you care. i know ur over me and don’t wanna give it another shot, but i wish you would. One day i just want you to come back .. i’d give anything just to have you here on nights like this.. would it be weird if i texted you asking to hangout? is it weird if i go to your work? i don’t know what to do anymore and all i want is answers. i realize you said we are done talking for now.. but that is worse than anything, if you were to say we’re done for good, because i sit up at night waiting for a text for us to start talking again. is it going to happen.. NO. but i want it more then ever, i had to come on here to get my feelings out because my friends get tired of me talking about you because they think i’m obsessed. and i mean i apologize if it seems like that, but that’s not what i meant. i meant for us to be something because that’s what you said you wanted… i guess the lies you filled my head with are what made me like this. and it sucks because i think i’m in love with you zack.

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