• Mistake in progress

    by  • June 29, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Confusion • 0 Comments

    I love him. He loves me. But you want me. And today you kissed me. I let you. I liked it. We are going to do it again.
    I can not say. Honestly I don’t know what I am doing.
    Funny thing- I wanted to date you before I dated him. I chose him over you. And you hated that.
    One year passed before you started to talk to me again. We were still friends, we just didn’t talk as much. Hellos in the halls, waves here and there. Short texts.
    Then you admitted it. You wanted me.
    And now we are creating a classic story. Repeating time and again.
    What are we doing?
    What do we hope to gain?
    I am afraid.
    For myself.
    For him.
    For you.
    I should end this before it starts, save the trouble of keeping secrets, lying and hiding. But…
    I honestly don’t know what I want.
    He loves me. You want me. I love him.
    Don’t I?

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