• Just STOP already

    by  • June 29, 2011 • Anger, Friends • 0 Comments

    okay. i get we’re not friends anymore. i talked shit about you last year. i was pissed. yeah, i know that i shouldn’t have. and that it was immature. well. i owned up to it. i admitted that i was wrong. and i was truly sorry for doing so. but, i couldnt take it back. we haven’t been friends for a year. you guys were mad at me. and i told you i’d stay out of your way/ life. that’s exactly what i did. i moved on. i don’t even live in the same state as you. so why are you still talking shit about me? i learned from my mistakes last year. and i haven’t opened my mouth since. what else can you possibly say? do you have nothing better to do than to talk about how i went tanning? my legs? my tattoo? or how i came to visit my family/ friends? we don’t talk for a reason. why would you care if i came to visit? it’s not like i’m hurting you in any way. nor am i interfering in your life. i live almost a thousand miles away from all of you. why is it that you can’t just leave me alone already? if you don’t like me, then okay. i get it. just grow up already. and just stop talking about me. you post everything up online. on your fb statuses, your tumblr, or even your twitter. for everyone to see. for people who were my friends to see. yeah, you turned everyone against me. i didn’t confront any of you about this because i didn’t want any more drama. i just wanted to brush it away and for it to stop. so i kept my mouth shut. and because there was no point in saying something when i don’t live in the same state. i couldn’t let it bother me. but no. it didn’t stop. all the talking still continued. you don’t know what went on in my life. like i said. we haven’t talked in a year. who are you to tell me i’m pathetic for doing something, when you don’t even know the reason why. the shit i do to make boys like me? you actually think i’d be crazy enough to follow a guy to another state? why the hell would i do that? well one thing you didn’t know was that besides from the real reason i was there was work related, i met up with him because we were together for 4 months. yeah, i know that’s not a long time. but you didn’t even know we were together. i didn’t have to go to fl to make him like me. he liked me on his own 4 months before that. so shut your mouth already. i don’t deserve to be your friend? well i really don’t care since i didn’t want to be friends with you in the first place. why the hell would i want to be friends with people who do nothing but talk about me? you think i deserve to know what people really think about me? okay they don’t like me. why would i care when i haven’t talked to those people in a year also. i live almost 1000 miles away from you girls. we’re not in high school anymore. leave me alone and just stop this bs already.

    p.s. why the hell would you bring Jesus into this? i’m a religious person. i know. but i’m not ashamed of it. I love Jesus. So for you to even mock me by saying that “Jesus can’t save me now”, is just so low.

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