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    You little shit

    I have no other way to describe you. You are not little nor are you young but you are a shit. You stole my grandpa from me and guess what? YOU’RE GOING TO PAY!

    I can’t believe what you did. Did you think kidnapping him was going to make everything better? Did you think that brain washing him into thinking that his family, HIS OWN FAMILY, didn’t want to see him? Did you seriously think you could do this and no one would give a shit?? Well news flash you fucker, we do care and we care A LOT!

    What will it take? A lawsuit? Maybe even us kidnapping him back before you will give up? Seriously, for a “grandma” you are a shit of one. We aren’t even related by blood so I can disown you! HA! How does that feel? I am disowning you.

    So take that and all your other pissy shit that you have with you and your daughters and,

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    1. Lauryn
      July 9, 2011 at 4:24 pm

      I have a hard time believing you aren’t related to me, that is EXACTLY what happened to us and EXACTLY I feel.

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