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    by  • June 28, 2011 • To Everybody • 3 Comments

    just because you are a woman you don’t need to take advantage of the power you have. i’m sick and tired of the women in this world. i’m sick of the manipulation and the problems that women cause! when did such behaviors and selfishness develop?? where did it come from? what happen to all our morals and our values!!! i hate that women are doing whatever it takes to get what they want even if it means to degrade themselves and go against their own beliefs!! why can’t we just at least be true to ourselves. i hope these women can learn to find happiness another way. and please stop turning your back on other women! stop the sex industries and stop the dependency on men! what the hell happened to 50/50 in the relationship!? i hate seeing women live off of child support too. why don’t more women get off their ass and go to school and become a woman who stands on their own feet!!! and pay for your own loans!! people are sooo fucked up and ignorant and selfish these days. its soo sad. stop playing with men. when power is gained people take advantage over it and that is exactly what women are doing. and for the people that are living off of the government money… you’re not going to get anywhere with your life. if there are alternatives go for it! for the ladies who sit on their asses waiting for food stamps, child support, and other people to live, i honestly feel sorry for you guys and i worry for every one around you. i am a women myself and i see this problem growing so fast. please encourage women to be better and parent better. and for the men, stop relying on pornography and hoes that want nothing but the paper in your wallet. there is love out there just be patient.. for those who respect themselves and appreciates what life has to offer, keep your heads up and be true to yourself.

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    1. oneofthosewomen
      June 29, 2011 at 11:23 am

      Do you have any freaking clue how hard it is to raise a child anymore?? I got pregnant out of RAPE, am working two jobs, taking one online class a semester, and trying to live. I have to have the food stamps and the WIC because I do not have the means to raise the kid by myself. The dad is nowhere to be found, yes I know who he is but that doesn’t mean shit these days. Your letter pissed me off because you have no clue…you really don’t.

    2. R
      June 29, 2011 at 12:25 pm

      @oneofthosewomen: obviously, you are not one of those women described in the letter. you’re actually trying to do something with your life by working two jobs and taking an online class. I’m pretty sure that this letter was directed at the people who live off only what others give them. I feel sorry for people who just take government handouts too. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and people, especially women, need to learn to take care of themselves and make a life. Life isn’t easy, but it’s worth living than standing by and not being proactive about your life. oh, and it sucks that you got raped, but if you knew you wouldn’t be able to raise the baby without working jobs and taking classes online and being on foodstamps, you could have gave it up for adoption or had an abortion. there are always alternatives.

    3. oneofthosewomen
      June 29, 2011 at 12:30 pm

      Abortion is not an option for me, not because of religion but because by the time I found out I was pregnant it was too late to abort thanks to the stupid laws in the state I live in.

      Adoption was an option but I couldn’t give her up, I love her more than anything and after carrying her for nine months there was no way I could give her to a total stranger.

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