• To almost everyone in my life.

    by  • June 28, 2011 • Friends • 0 Comments

    Day in and day out I do all your favors, lie for you so you don’t get in trouble and tell you guys what you wanna hear so your feelings won’t get hurt. I pay for your dinner and I answer your 6 page text messages about some guy who may hate you because he doesn’t instantly reply to your stupid messages (really, you’re a moron for using that as a measurement of affection).And I keep supporting your behavior even though you look down upon girls who do the same dumb shit you do. I put up with you trying to hook up with each guy I date and I answer your drunken calls at 3am when you have no one to cry to about your drug life. I’m done. I’m freaking done! I am sick and fucking tired of people depending on me for their happiness. From this day on, I’m gonna look out for me and my family. You all need to grow up a bit and learn that I’m not your damn crutch.

    Also, your profile picture DOES look bad. You look like a trampy pig with all that lipstick, not like a “sexy Latina”. And not all Latina women have trampy fish lips. I find your description insulting and embarrassing.

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