• Pretty Package, Ugly inside.

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    I hope you know that these past two months I haven’t forgotten about you. Maybe I had a split second of memory loss when someone new came along but I still compared everything he did to what you do.

    But, lately i’ve been thinking, are you really all that wonderful? Sure you used to send me texts full of sweet sayings and words from across the room and make me smile, you’d whisper to me in lectures and share all your hopes and dreams with me. But, you also used to tell me the dirty things you wanted to do with my housemate and then say ‘just messing with you’, or you’d do things like say you were glad you met me, or i’m the perfect girl and then not talk to me for a month. These things I don’t understand.

    Your games are awful and have made my feelings grow weak.
    The last 2 months of school I realized I was stuck, I liked my best guy-friend and pushed you aside. You always cancelled plans with me and were being a jerk, so then came the last day of school when he announced he had a girlfriend. I was crushed, but I think I always knew me and him couldn’t work out, were too good of friends. Of course you weren’t around, when I could have needed you and when I asked you for help.

    Fast forward 3 months and you’re telling me you miss me. You want to see me.
    And the truth is, I want to see you too. But you’ve been such a jackass I can’t bring myself to travel an hour to hangout with you.

    I think this is goodbye.


    ps. It’s nice to know sometimes the greatest thing in a pretty package can be total shit.

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