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    The other day, I drew a picture on a napkin at a restaurant. You saw it, and when I was finished you asked if you could keep it. It was a simple picture, so I said yes. Later you said you connected with it, but you didn’t know how. I’m curious.

    Tonight, I took out a sheet of printer paper and a pencil.
    And I started to draw again.
    And it feels great.
    And for the first time in months, I feel like myself again.

    It is now 4 o’clock in the morning, and I am still drawing. This might be the best picture I have ever drawn. I have never taken an art class, but I consider myself to be pretty decent. I’m a photographer, so drawing is not really my debut, but I think I’m going to try more of it now. I want to know how you connected with it. I am so curious.

    Now, I am here, smoking a cigarette, still soaring through this drawing. I put a little bit of me into every piece. I hope you somehow connect with this one too. Overall, it is just the picture I drew on the napkin, just in more detail.

    I want to impress you. I love you.

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