• Not then, not now, not ever

    by  • June 28, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Frustration • 0 Comments

    Not by my choice either. It was there, whatever “it” was. Maybe you were drunk. Maybe you weren’t and you were just looking for a good time. That’s fine. I was too. But when you say things like “now you owe me” it leads me to believe that you’d like to see me again. And not in the, oh hey you’re passing me on the street thing.

    But no. Your response is that it’s weird because we’re neighbors. Well hey, wouldn’t that make it more convenient? I mean, it’s not as if we’re going for a relationship here and if it doesn’t work we still have to live next to each other. And even besides that, I’m going to college! I won’t be here every day. I’ll be home for the holidays and breaks and maybe some weekends but that’s it! I offered you a no strings attached offer.

    HELLO! No strings! As in 0 commitment necessary! I offered you what every young male wants and you turned me down. Clearly you were attracted to me. Clearly you wanted something from me. Here I am. Offering you whatever you want. And you said no.

    Well buddy, your loss. Because I’m not gonna stop being me just because you don’t have the balls to handle me. I’m still going to sit out back and read. I’m still going to work my ass off every day to stay in shape. I’m still going to sit outside during a storm just to enjoy the rain. And I’m still going flirt back with you. Because all my friends say I’m a flirt. Well here goes the experiment to prove it.

    If you ever decide that you CAN handle me, look me up. I’m not so hard to find. After all, I do live right next door.

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