• Music Box

    by  • June 28, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    Songs so sweet
    Only from little birds can they come.
    Graceful notes
    Twirling like dancers,
    Beautiful and elegant.
    The songs of my spirit
    Captured in a music box.

    I have always held it dear,
    This music box that holds my soul.
    Few may see it,
    Fewer hold it,
    And rare is the person who shall open it.

    But rare people have come and gone;
    Some have seen it, and valued not its worth,
    And others have held it with well meant intentions;
    But oh, how I was deceived.

    There are some who have heard the music,
    But they are few.
    Because others who held this music box
    Let it slip through feigned friendship and castaway care.
    Misguided, they cared not for that which I treasured;
    My own spirit was cracked
    And parts of my composition shattered.

    So now I hold my music box close.
    Not all who have seen it meant it harm,
    But I cannot take these chances anymore.
    Only two may as of now hold it
    For I know that they will keep it close,
    As close as I hold theirs

    But tell me,
    Can I trust you?
    Will you let me fall
    And slip through your uncaring embrace?
    Something so precious can break only so many times
    Before it shatters into fragments of a soul.

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