• Let Me Light Up the Sky.

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    Cupcake. That’s what I always call you.
    I’m your Salamander. Why? I don’t know, but I love it.

    I love your silver eyes, that sometimes fade to blue, sometimes fade to gray.
    I love how easily I can run my fingers through your hair. You say it kinda tickles.
    I love your back. When I give you hugs, I run my hands over each muscle. I can feel ever one.
    I love your hands, because, even though it is cliche, my fingers seem to fit perfectly in them.
    I love your arms. Even though you refuse to admit it, you’re strong.
    I love your tummy. You may not have a six pack, but I love the way it feels against mine.
    I love your chest. I could fall asleep to your heartbeat any day, any time.
    I love how you’re taller than me, but not too much taller. I am pretty short.

    I love your little smirk. I can always hear it when you call me.
    I love your chuckle. The side of your mouth form lines when you really laugh.
    I love your smile. It could light up a room.
    I love the way you hold me, because I feel safe there. You call it “home.”
    I love the feel of your lips against mine, they’re so soft.
    I love our intimate moments, but we don’t need them. We aren’t like that.

    You love chocolate milk and monster. You buy them in gallons and cans at a time.
    You love the little things we do, like snuggle up and watch River Monsters & Criminal Minds.
    You love merry-go-rounds. Especially that night at prom…god that was amazing.
    You love the water, you row, and you love fishing.
    You love Chicago just as much as I do.
    You love football, but never actually played it.
    You love tossing around a ball, but you can never hit a target unless it’s moving.
    You love zombies. I think it’s a weird adorable obsession.
    You love scary movies, but The Grudge and The Ring still scare you at night.
    You love your room cold, if we ever live together, that might have to change.
    You love your sleep, and I love it how you jerk a little when I wake you up.
    You love shooting air soft guns. You’re really good at shooting from a John Deer Gator.
    You love your kitties, and your turtles.
    You love music. The same music I do. You sing to all the songs, & I can’t help but smile.

    You sang to me once.
    “Let me light up the sky. Light it up for you.
    Let me tell you why. I would die for you.
    Let me make this mine. I’ll ignite for you.
    Let me light up the sky just for you tonight.
    Let me help you fly, cuz you won’t have time.”

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