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    if only for him
    if for only we had been more open
    if i had not believed that keeping a roof was more important then family
    if i hadnt been lied to
    if you had said your sorry
    if you had seen i seen past the pretty girl the “not pretty girl” as you say
    if we had not agreed to want you to be around the child as much was a good thing.
    if you had not taken so long to finish unfinished buisness
    if i had not been brought up the way i had
    if i had never told you i would never forgive you
    if i you had never hid behind religion
    if i had never found out about the piles and piles of lies that you still dont know i know about
    if you had treated me like as lover and father and told me what was wrong and not closed up
    if i had put my foot down a time or two
    if i hadnt cared at all about your dream when i did and helped and showed it
    if i had moved to ny
    if i had stayed here
    if i had ran at first sign of problems

    if you had talked to me and got help and told me i need it… is the only one i truely care about.. cause in all those if’s i lost my friend, mother of my child , and the girl i feel in love with for 3 years to only be taken advantage of. dreamers should dream outside there dream and see if they can make someone who is down feel up for once. might help alot of ifs just go away. silence is golden only if you want it to be unknown and hurt later. now the known can be just pushed aside for just the if of helping each other would be the same.
    if we helped there would be no ifs.

    if,,, she never shows up to the meeting place is now what it has become… :/

    if ,, it can be fixed….

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    1. cantbeme
      June 28, 2011 at 4:47 pm

      if one hand would open it would all be ok. you care so much for many. and leave me as if you want me dead.

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